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About the fishing

Anglers have had tremendous success catching Walleye and Northern Pike, where the largest reported have been 8 lbs. and 24 lbs., respectively. We promote and practice barbless and Catch-And-Release fishing. However, we have not restricted possession to less than government limits. We urge you to stay within your limits to preserve this most precious natural resource.

The lake thrives with a variety of fish species, including Walleye (most predominant), Northern Pike and some reports of Lake Trout. The lake's fish population does not suffer from being commercially fished. Before fishing in Saskatchewan, please take the time to read the Official Anglers Guide.

* Clients are responsible for their own fishing license and must provide a valid Saskatchewan fishing license to fish. *

All trips include the following:


What you will need to bring:

* All clients are responsible for their own weapons in and out of the country or province *

* Clients are encouraged to assist with the care of the harvested animal, if they can, to experience all that comes with a true free range hunt over bait *

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